10 Home Décor Essentials You Need to Enhance Your Work at Home Space

With the outbreak of COVID-19, many of us have switched to working from home, and many of us will likely continue for some time. It is so important to have space where you enjoy working in, somewhere your mind is at peace and will make you as productive as you can be. The right home décor can enhance your work-from-home space and turn it into a positive space you want to spend time in and find comfortable, so you can feel comfortable, relaxed, and focused when you’re working.

So, what workspace décor can we recommend that will enhance your space quickly? Here are 10 items that will help you make the ideal work at home space.


1. Wiley Storage Holders

A cluttered work-space often reflects a cluttered mind, so get things organised so you can stay focused. These Wiley Storage Holders are the perfect way to organise your stationery and smaller items that would otherwise create clutter on your desk or chosen workspace. The natural wood shelf rests within a carefully welded iron basket to add a chic yet functional touch to your workspace décor. Choose from black or white, in a small or large size as preferred!


2. Eustace Essential Oil Diffuser

It is crucial to reduce stress in any work environment, whether that’s at home or elsewhere. A Eustace Essential Oil Diffuser is a brilliant way to stay relaxed and focused while you are working from home. This elegant diffuser comes in cute deer (white) or bunny (pink) designs but also adds a touch of luxury to your home office or desk with rich gold accents. It even comes fitted with an LED, colour changing light to bring you an additional sense of calm.


3. Cephas Jewellery, Makeup & Office Organizer

Another way to organise with workspace décor is with the Cephas Jewellery, Makeup & Office Organizer. This modern organiser is versatile and can be filled with whatever you need, but it is the perfect way to store smaller items of stationery, such as sticky notes, paper clips, staples, and memory sticks. The minimalist design can hold up to 10kg and is durable. Choose between white or grey to best match your home decoration.


4. Asenith Magazine and Book Holder

How about a place for all those loose documents that might be taking up space and getting lost under everything else? The Asenith Magazine and Book Holder is the ideal way to organise important documents you need when working at home in a stylish, modern way. The geometric design is made from premium quality iron to provide a versatile and reliable document holder. This product comes in gold, black, or white and is the perfect addition for your workspace décor.


5. Schuyler Diamond Planter

Plants are a fantastic way to add colour to your workspace, and better yet, they will help to oxygenate a room, helping you focus and feel calmer. However, there is not always space on furniture and surfaces to put plants. The solution? Our Schuyler Diamond Planter. This planter is hung up on the wall to allow you to bring a little bit of the outdoors in. The sharp, angular design of the planter gives an ultra-modern feel and the rich rose gold finish of the durable iron frame brings a sense of luxury to any workspace. Choose from black or white, in sizes small, medium, or large.


6. Lewellyn Trash Can

Another workspace décor essential to have in your home workspace is a waste bin. Our Lewellyn Trash Can is made using high-quality plastic and comes in 5 soothing muted colours: pink, brown, white, black, or grey. Not only is this waste bin functional, with a capacity of 8L or 12L, but this design is also inspired by a minimalist design to keep it chic and is, therefore, a great addition to your workspace décor.


7. Chesney Molecular Pendant Lamp

If you need to add a little light to your work from home life, why not choose our Chesney Molecular Pendant Lamp? This modern minimalist pendant lamp comes in rose gold & black or gold & white to provide an elegant charm to any space. This unique, versatile design is constructed with iron, so is durable, and is perfect for hanging above your desk or workspace for some extra light or simply as an attractive design feature.


8. Philemon Hexagon Coaster

Staying hydrated is the best way to feel and work at our best. Whether you need a caffeine boost or an ice-cold drink to perk you up, and it is important to protect our surfaces from potential drips. This Philemon Hexagon Coaster is made from heat-insulated silicone to protect your surfaces and provide non-slip functionality, so there is less risk of having a spill! The intricate, cut-out design is super modern and contemporary to add a fun but chic accent to any workspace. Choose from a pastel colour palette of white, black, pink, beige, green, or red to match your style.


9. Tamage Wall Shelf

If you’re looking for extra space to store books or decorative items, look no further than the Tamage Wall Shelf. This functional design is made with natural wooden shelves attached to a unique diamond-shaped iron rack to add a functional, modern piece to your workspace. This wall shelf would work well in any room, but add it to your home office or workspace for added style for added decoration or to store other things you need when space is tight.


10. Ashe Succulent Pastel Print Collection

Artwork is another great way to reduce stress and bring a sense of tranquillity to a workspace. Our Ashe Succulent Pastel Print Collection features beautifully cool colours and calming designs to keep you relaxed and focused on work. Printed on soft high-quality canvas you can choose from 8 different styles to add colour to an otherwise dull workspace and bring some elegance into your home decoration. Since we’re having to live and work in the same spaces, why not make it as beautiful as possible?


Decorating your workspace is not only a great way to feel productive during your time at home, but it can also seriously boost your productivity and make working from home that much easier! Take a look at our other items here.

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