10 Minimalist Wall Decor Ideas to Re-invigorate Your Home

After a long exhausting day, our homes are our last resort where we relax and rejuvenate our spirits. According to a recent study, there is a direct correlation between colour and mood. For instance, the blue colour provides a sense of calmness while yellow colour can cause anxiousness in some people.

It is, therefore, imperative to integrate wall décor in your house that is not only eye-catching but also provides some sense of comfort.

In this regard let's explore 10 minimalist wall décor ideas to re-invigorate your home.

Living Room

1. Pick Truffle for Warmth

Living rooms should be as cosy and comfortable as possible. After all, it is the room where you relax watching TV and socializing with your family after dinner or a hectic day. That's why when going for living room wall decoration, Truffle design should be on top of your bucket list.

With a hint of pinkish tone, this wall décor is our go-to shade that integrates the cosy and neutral feeling to your living space. You can never go wrong with Truffle's living room wall decoration.

2. Add a Live Touch

Giving your living room natural touch by introducing plants it's always a great touch. Wall-mounted planters and introducing Olin Succulent Planter Set is a perfect way to improve your room's aesthetic appearance.

Together with stylish pendant lighting designs, your living room wall decoration will not only make the living spaces appealing but will also improve the value of your property.

3. Integrate Natural Materials

Integrating random and natural materials that complement the colours of the wall is a great step in creating the right living room decoration. A Jute here and a stone there carefully arranged help to give your living space that tactile, earthy, and natural look you have always wanted.

You may also integrate decorated pebbles on the wall paired with Abner Iron Cage Pendant Lights for a touch of class.

4. Add Texture with a Weaving

The traditional macramé walls hangings common in the 70s have come back with a bang in the current home design trends—of course with some improvement. This living room decoration creates a beautiful backdrop for your wall while accentuating other wall decors. Shop at Delila Décor for these designs to warm up your stark walls.


5. Showcase the Fabric

This type of bedroom wall décor integrates Italian tapestry hanging behind an Anthropologie draped bed. The colour and pattern that comes with the tapestry help to compliment the bed covers while introducing a sense of softness in your bedroom.

6. Introduce a Wild Touch

Are you looking to give your bedroom wall décor a makeover? Refresh it with The Wild Safari Collection. The design is inspired by the natural elegance of nature's finest beast, which is a great trend for people who want bedrooms with a modern look. More importantly, they bring a sense of calmness, which is required in a room where you rest for a good's night sleep.

7. VSCO Bedroom Design

VSCO bedroom décor is a design that is quite popular with millennials and Gen-Z-ers. The photo editing app creates an exquisite mix of photos, people, and objects with stylish simple quotes that gives your bedroom a trendy and artsy vibe. All you need to do is to choose the design and the trend that suits you best to act as your background.


8. Deer Wall Decoration

For animal lovers, here's a chance to adorn your kitchen with a striking and polished Animal Unicorn Head Resin Hooks. The deer head, in particular, creates a silver finish for a contemporary look. Achieve that final touch of creativity in your kitchen with deer wall decoration.

9. Use Funny Memes Backdrops

Put a smile on your face while preparing your meals by using funny memes kitchen décor accentuated by beautiful backdrops. For instance, "If you want breakfast in bed, sleep in the kitchen."

10. Shoal of Fish Décor

This is a simple method to bring the natural world into your kitchen. Add the contemporary design for a relaxing and mesmerizing effect in the important room. This wall décor can also be used in the bathrooms.

Final Takeaways

Beautiful wall decors help to improve moods and make your house more welcoming. Ranging from the traditional to the contemporary wall designs, make sure to choose the one that suits you best while increasing your property's value.

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