How to Make Your Small Space Seem Larger With a Decorative Mirror

Your home is one of your most valuable investments. While you always want to make these living spaces as welcoming as possible, we also should focus on increasing their Return On Investment (ROI). It is, therefore, imperative to make viable home improvements that would help you achieve the aforementioned scenario.

For instance, in my case, some of the rooms in my house, like the kitchen and the bathroom were feeling kind of small and claustrophobic. So I asked my friend Sarah, who is an interior design specialist, to help me make these rooms seem larger.

Here's what she had to say.

Decorative Mirrors Make a Room Seem Larger

According to Sarah, Decorative mirrors are crucial tools for transforming small spaces and making them seem bigger without breaking the homeowner's bank.

"While large decorative mirrors are a great way to make your small room seem bigger, they can be very pricey, "at least that's what Sarah said to me.

"But you can always go for small decorative wall mirrors found at your local store or online, and use contemporary styles just to achieve the same effects as when using large mirrors," she continued to expound on some techniques I could use.

Grouping Smaller Mirrors Together

"You can easily drift into any local convenience store or check online to buy a couple of small mirrors with a small price tag on them," she said to me.

She explained that buying these small mirrors, painting their frames, and grouping them on the wall, makes the wall look organized without making it feel clustered.

"You may also buy the same type of decorative wall mirrors, which the frames that are already the same color from the supplier, like The Eagle Nest Wall Mirror, they will save you a lot of time,"


"They produce the same effect on the wall as that of a pricey large mirror without costing you more money." She said

"But remember first, if there is furniture you are able to move away from the wall to float it in the room, do so, as it will help to increase the visual effect."

Use them on Cabinet Fronts

According to Sarah, even though you can use this technique in all the rooms that have cabinets, it is ideal for the kitchen, as it is the room with the biggest share of cabinets.

"Let the mirrored tiles on the kitchen's cabinet reflect the space in front of them, and you can install them on the face, bottom, or in front of the cabinet's faces." "I in particularly, find this a curious way to accentuate small kitchens to make them seem bigger while sticking to a budget," She continued.

She said the mirrors reflect the light around the rooms definitely making them seem bigger.

Using Beautiful Backsplashes

"I have worked as an interior designer for over a decade, and this technique as never disappointed," Sarah said to me when I asked if there was anything fancier I could use in the undertaking.


According to her, integrating mirrors like Sparkle Wall Mirror together with classic tile designs especially, in the bathroom helps to make the room look more spacious.

"White color and mirrors have a tendency of reflecting light instead of absorbing it making the rooms appear larger."

"However, using bright colors and mirrors to create a reflective backsplash may be a little costly process, but it is worth every coin," she added.

Add a Decorative Mirror Behind the Stove

"I know the area around the stove can be a bit greasy but nothing can't be solved with a little scrubbing," Sarah continued to advise.

"According to the interior designer specialist, this part of the kitchen is traditionally dull and neglected.

"This as to stop today because a mirror behind the stove helps to bounce light making it easier to see while making your kitchen seem bigger," she continued.

A Parting Note

"You don't have to be a millionaire to make the rooms in your house look beautiful and spacious. "A tweak here and there are enough to achieve a welcoming home." That was the last insight Sarah provided.

For more information on using mirrors to upgrade your house, contact us.

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